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Original Artist Song Title Mix Title Catalog #
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Bellybelle STER Original WE056
Ceeker Tattle Tale Original WE064
Dankery Labowski Original WE044
Dankery Labowski HD4000 Remix WE045
Dankery Dose Knowledge Original WE060
Dankery Dose Knowledge HD4000 Remix WE061
FSTZ I Got the Funk Original WE057
FSTZ I Got the Funk HD4000 Remix WE058
HD4000 Base Original WE039
HD4000 B-Boy Original WEHD1
HD4000 feat. Ceeker Brixton Original WE040
HD4000 Change Original WE027
HD4000 Come Again Original WEHD1
HD4000 Delicato Original WE024
HD4000 Delicato Kid Logic Remix WE026
HD4000 Elevate Original WE023
HD4000 Elevate Kid Logic Remix WE025
HD4000 For the Funk Original WE068
HD4000 Glip Original WE053
HD4000 In Dub We Must (Trust) Original WE076
HD4000 Move Way Original WEHD1
HD4000 Move Way MK2 Krunch Remix WE051
HD4000 No Man Can Lead Original WE049
HD4000 No Way Original WE048
HD4000 Owd E Original WEHD1
HD4000 Owd E VoodooSteamBoat Remix WE038
HD4000 feat. PopeBenadict16 Right Off Original WE066
HD4000 Round 2 Original WEHD1
HD4000 Round 2 MK2 Remix WE052
HD4000 Shakedown Original WE020
HD4000 South Street Original WE019
HD4000 South Street HD4000's VIP Remix WE037
HD4000 South Street The Widdler Remix WE036
HD4000 Strait Jacket Original WE063
HD4000 Strait Jacket Kid Logic Remix WE069
HD4000 Turn the Bass Up Original WEHD1
HD4000 Turn the Bass Up HD4000's VIP Remix WE022
HD4000 Turn the Bass Up The Widdler Remix WE021
HD4000 Ultra Original WE028
HD4000 West Runnin This Original WEHD1
HD4000 What Is a Rave? Original WE050
HD4000 Void Original WE067
HD4000 Zag Original WE059
Hellfire Machina Guitar Dub Original WE029
Hellfire Machina Guitar Dub HD4000 Remix WE030
Hellfire Machina Guitar Dub Breakbeat in Disguise Mix WE031
Kid Logic L.A. Rain Original WE055
Kinetic Distortion Mic Check Original WE075
Kinetic Distortion Mic Check Odeed & Wish Remix WE075
Lug00ber Sliding off the Road Original WE065
Mr. Sleepz Run Tingz Original coming soon
Nameloc Below the Surface Original WE062
Odeed 7th & Broadway HD4000 Remix WE005
Odeed & Wish Dub Bass Original WE076
Odeed & Wish Give It Up Original WE074
Odeed & Wish It's Time Original WE070
Odeed & Wish Skook Original WE070
Odeed & Wish Sojourn Original WE074
Odeed & Wish Try It Original WE072
Odeed & Wish What It Is Original WE073
Odeed & Wish What It Is Paranoid Androidz Remix WE073
Odeed & Wish You Know the Score Original WE072
Paranoid Androidz Need U Original WE071
Paranoid Androidz Need U Odeed vs. Wish's HD4000 Remix WE071
Trine Everlasting Original WE073
VoodooSteamBoat Building the Pyramids Original WE047
VoodooSteamBoat Down Low Original WE041
VoodooSteamBoat Down Low HD4000's Top Shelf Remix WE042
VoodooSteamBoat Down Low VSB's Big VIP Remix WE043
VoodooSteamBoat Hawt Sauce Original WE046
VoodooSteamBoat The Poison Original WE032
VoodooSteamBoat The Poison HD4000 Remix WE033
VoodooSteamBoat Nasty Girl Original WE034
VoodooSteamBoat Nasty Girl HD4000 Remix WE035
The Widdler Slow Dance Chubby Original WE054