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Mrs. Wish's Zesty Asparagus

Mrs. Wish's Zesty Asparagus

Mrs. Wish's Cookbook


You will need a small frying pan (about 8” or 10”) and something to steam the asparagus in (if you don't have a steamer, a medium saucepan with a lid and a steamer basket will do). Boil the water in your steamer. Clean, chop the bottoms off and use a peeler on the asparagus spears. Cut them in half and place them in the steamer. Put the lid on and let the asparagus steam for 7 minutes. Be very careful not to overcook the asparagus; soggy spears are not very tasty. Meanwhile, in your small frying pan, melt your butter. Add the garlic, wine and lemon juice and heat on medium to a boil, then add the herbs and bring the heat down to medium low. When the asparagus is ready, get tongs and gently put the spears in the butter sauce, rolling them in it and letting them soak in the flavors in the pan for a minute or so. Salt & pepper to taste, promptly taking the asparagus off the heat.

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