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HD4000's Discography

HD4000 Discography

HD4000's Releases
Original Artist Song Title Mix Title WE Cat# or Label
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Blackheart Dum Dumz HD4000 Hijack Remix Bassism
Blackheart Proverbs HD4000 Remix Filthy Digital
Caustik Herbman HD4000 Remix Filthy Digital
Chewie vs. HD4000 Beat Down Original Coat of Arms
Chewie vs. HD4000 Chia Original Coat of Arms
Dankery Labowski HD4000 Remix WE045
Dankery Dose Knowledge HD4000 Remix WE061
Down N Going Half Days Travel HD4000 Remix Left Side Recordings
Down N Going Universal Knowledge HD4000 Remix Left Side Recordings
FSTZ I Got the Funk HD4000 Remix WE058
HD4000 Awesome Rhythm Original Dubstep Records
HD4000 Base Original WE039
HD4000 B-Boy Original WEHD1
HD4000 feat. Ceeker Brixton Original WE040
HD4000 Bumrush Original Dirty Circuit
HD4000 Change Original WE027
HD4000 Come Again Original WEHD1
HD4000 Delicato Original WE024
HD4000 Elevate Original WE023
HD4000 For the Funk Original WE068
HD4000 Funkshun Original Stupid Fly
HD4000 Glip Original WE053
HD4000 Golden State Original Betamorph
HD4000 Jekal Original Mallabel Music
HD4000 Move Way Original WEHD1
HD4000 No Man Can Lead Original WE049
HD4000 No Way Original WE048
HD4000 Owd E Original WEHD1
HD4000 feat.PopeBenadict16 Right Off Original WE066
HD4000 Round 2 Original WEHD1
HD4000 Ruger Original Filthy Digital
HD4000 Shakedown Original WE020
HD4000 Shake It Original Filthy Digital
HD4000 Sound Boy Killer Original Filthy Digital
HD4000 South Street Original WE019
HD4000 South Street HD4000's VIP Remix WE037
HD4000 Strait Jacket Original WE063
HD4000 Throw Your Straps Original Dirty Circuit
HD4000 Turn the Bass Up Original WEHD1
HD4000 Turn the Bass Up HD4000's VIP Remix WE037
HD4000 Ultra Original WE029
HD4000 West Runnin This Original WEHD1
HD4000 What Is a Rave? Original WE050
HD4000 Void Original WE067
HD4000 Zag Original WE059
Heavy Machine Staying Down HD4000 Remix Abstract Logic Recordings
Hellfire Machina Guitar Dub HD4000 Remix WE030
Joint Forces Turn Me Up HD4000 Remix Stupid Fly
Legendary Eastern Horizons HD4000 Remix Disfunctional Sound
Mr. Curtamos Milk HD4000's Mas Leche Remix Betamorph (Haiti 4)
Odeed 7th & Broadway HD4000 Remix WE005
Skulltrane This One Called Dub HD4000 Remix Mallabel
Twitch Cracker Jack HD4000 Remix Dub Frequency
Twitch Dubz LSD is Da Bomb HD4000 Remix Dense Audio
Wachs Lyrical Ranger HD4000 Remix Double Drop
The Widdler Positive Vibes HD4000 Remix Dubstep Records
VoodooSteamBoat Down Low HD4000 Top Shelf Remix WE042
VoodooSteamBoat The Poison HD4000 Remix WE033
VoodooSteamBoat Nasty Girl HD4000 Remix WE035

HD4000's Upcoming Releases
Original Artist Song Title Mix Title Label
Dates of release are determined by the label, and are noted when known to the best of our knowledge.
DJ Foster & Captcha Bless East Coast Lights HD4000 Remix WE Recordings
Mr. Curtamos Pulp Who HD4000 Remix Abducted Records
Dopelabs Destroyer HD4000 Remix Dubstep Records
The Widdler Jersey Devil HD4000 Remix Dubstep Records
Macabre Unit Bacteria HD4000 Remix Filthy Digital
HD4000 Southpaw Original Full Melt
HD4000 TK421 Original Phantom Hz
The Widdler Froggy Style HD4000 Remix Shift
Roommate & The Bassist Rub A Dub HD4000 Remix Stupid Fly
Kid Logic Smash HD4000 Remix Supernormous
Kid Logic Tape Rock HD4000 Remix Supernormous

HD4000's Otherwise Unreleased Songs
Original Artist Song Title Mix Title Additional Info
Labels interested in these unreleased tunes, please contact info@werecordings.com
Piranha Aegis HD4000 Remix unsigned
HD4000 Beep Beep! Original boot
Yong vs. The Widdler Cloudchaser HD4000 Remix unsigned
HD4000 Colorblind Original boot
HD4000 Dat's Dat! Original boot
FSTZ Delicious HD4000 Remix unknown
The Widdler End Transmission HD4000 Remix unsigned
MK2 Faceplant HD4000 Remix unsigned
HD4000 Fake Rekkidz Original boot
The Widdler Final Stage HD4000 Remix unsigned
Clone For the Paradise HD4000 Remix unsigned
HD4000 Guess Who Original boot
HD4000 Hidden Original boot
The Widdler I Don't Need You HD4000 Remix unsigned
The Widdler Lady Dub HD4000 Remix unsigned
HD4000 Let It Shine Original boot
HD4000 Live It Up Original boot
Chae Hawk Malt Liquor HD4000 Remix unknown
Megalodon Ok Good HD4000 Remix unknown
J Suave Smog Check HD4000 Remix unsigned
HD4000 Soul Ja Dub Original boot
HD4000 We Be On It Original boot
HD4000 Who Wants It? Original unknown
Btrippin Wonderland HD4000 Remix unknown
Heavy Machine You Better Run It HD4000 Remix unknown